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mental health strategies to better sleep
Enhance Sleep


I Just Can't Get Enough.


Foggy, stressed out and irritable. Not enough coffee?  Hmm – maybe it's not enough sleep.


What? You say you get plenty of sleep?  Let's see. 


At the end of the day, when the must-dos are done and you had a bit (or few hours) of screen time, you're off to bed around midnight. Up by 6 a.m., a little reluctant to wake up, but you are out the door. You aren't able to give work, friends or family anything close to 100%, but what can you do? 

Maybe you can fall asleep, but you wake up, unable to rest for hours before finally drifting off as the alarm sounds.


You think there's no room for change, there's too much to do. Seven to nine hours of sleep are recommended? That's nearly a third of a day! No can do.


It's frustrating. You want to feel more rested, but it doesn't seem possible.


I can help.


Sleep deprivation – a chronic condition of insufficient quality sleep – can impact not only your mood and concentration, but it can be dangerous – to your short and long-term health.


Over the years, I worked with many clients – young and old – to modify their sleep patterns and improve sleep quality. The result – better moods, less irritability and easier relationships at home and work.


How? We monitor your sleep and develop a strategy unique to your needs. It may mean taking a hard look at priorities or simply bad habits.  If you have an underlying medical condition, we'll work with your provider to cover all bases.


Sleep – as necessary as food and water – is a key to your health and well-being. It's also an integral part of our strategies for working with chronic pain and unmanageable stress.


More sleep = more peace.  Aahhh .... time to head toward more zzzz's.

Sleep Therapy / Therapist

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