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Amberly Dyer, LCSW, Therapist serving Outer Banks, North Carolina
More About Amberly
Amberly Dyer, LCSW - Mental Health Therapist

I am always growing, becoming, changing and growing again. Life is process.


Born and raised in the South (which gives me a lot to unpack, understand and repair), I love a rocking chair, deep porches, vegetable gardens, bare feet and sundresses. 

Life provided me experiences – some more pleasant than others, many challenging. All involved learning. So while I may (or may not) have an experience similar to yours, I understand the human need to be heard and supported. 


After one of those challenging life experiences, I moved to an edge of the earth, Hatteras Island. Its dynamic environment boosted my bravery and resilience.


I reconnected with my spiritual life, aligned my values to my goals and BOOM! I found my path. That path led me back to graduate school and into clinical social work. 


The mind-body-spirit connection is part of how I live and operate my practice. I believe that we all possess the answers to our heart longings and deep challenges. While fully respecting science and traditional Western medicine, I know many complementary modalities – chiropractic, massage, yoga, acupuncture and others –  help me live a full life. There is no one path to being our best selves.


Curiosity and life-long learning are my Achilles heel, but I am comfortable understanding I don't know it all. Sometimes it means I slide down rabbit holes or set off on new adventures, but I always find my way back to myself, with new awareness and goals.


A fulfilling life means juggling roles, priorities and meeting the day's challenges. Some days it's hard, but it is mostly pretty amazing. So, I sit on my porch, listen to birds, smell the flowers  and enjoy all the richness life brings to my door. 

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