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Dare County Mental Health & Wellness Therapist
Ready To Get To Work...

Are you ready to work with me?

Change requires energy, and inertia is real. ANYONE can change at ANY time in Life. But it takes effort.


Work with Individuals

Your hope and willingness to make REAL change is a huge part of our success in meeting your goals.

​We will work with changing thoughts and behaviors, but it is challenging. Currently, I work with adults 18 and older, including those 65 and older who are ready to work and change how they view and move in life.

I typically meet with clients at my office. Depending on the client and their needs, I may offer video technology for visits. Technology can minimize lost work and travel time while staying on target with your goals.  

As a solo private practice provider, there are limits to the number and complexity of cases that I can work with at any given time.  If it is not the right fit, I will work to provide you options and resources for care.

Work with Groups

I am available to provide community-based groups and workshops on a variety of wellness topics, including mindfulness, smoking cessation, sleep and self-care. Groups may be a single session or over a specified time frame. 

Work with Employers

Wellness is a big topic among health insurers these days – for both large and small businesses. Offering access to tools such as quitting nicotine, working with pain or simply managing stress can improve not only physical health, but productivity as well.


Productivity?  Yes, I can work with your employees not only to address wellness, but to examine issues of time management, team cohesion, and working with challenges, be they customers or organization changes. Developing a culture where employees are engaged and appreciated is a huge step toward smoother sailing.


Services can be tailored to your business and employee needs, offered individually or in group settings.


Our collaboration can make your biggest investment your biggest pay off.  


I'm ready to work. How about you?

Ready to make a change?

Stress and anxiety counseling

On edge and worn out? Here's a way to more living with less worry.

Strategies to manage chronic pain

A holistic approach to moving with more ease.


Ready for a new day?  Tired of the same old worries and frustrations?  Want to improve yourself or your relationships? 

Counseling (often called therapy) helps you live a more fulfilling life. Challenges still show up, but navigating them gets easier. We make a plan unique to you and your life.

Give me a call. Let's get ready to grow! 

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