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Need Some Extra Help?


Everyone's life has challenges – big and small. Sometimes, the challenges overwhelm our support networks and tools.

Maybe you are an empty nester, considering a new career, relocation or a new relationship. 

Or a young adult flooded with the possibilities the world offers, how you fit into it and how you will shape it. 

Perhaps you are experiencing loss - of a home, a career, a loved one or your robust health - and the grief overflows into your sense of who you are and where you are going.

Sometimes you are just tired of carrying the same stories, beliefs and patterns and you are ready for something different - even if its hard work to get there.

You need a place without everyone's opinions, ideas or suggestions. Somewhere you sort through your thoughts, feelings and goals without worries of hurting others or meeting their expectations.


This is where I come in.


I'm not your parent, your sibling, best friend or mate. You can still complain to, seek advice from or celebrate with these people, but our time focuses on you - your hopes, your challenges, and your solutions. To me, the best part of this process is getting to know ALL of YOU. 

When we start unpacking and sorting through your thoughts, emotions, hopes and losses, we will laugh and maybe even cry a bit.  But with a seed of hope and some hard work together, we achieve great things - and likely even surprise ourselves. 

The journey's end? Well, Life itself is a journey, so we work to get you to a place of greater ease, more enjoyment and less distress.  Along the way, you gain tools, insight and confidence into your own abilities and supports to use today and in the future. 


You grow.


Be brave and take the step to a creating a better life.


Call me, and we'll share a bit of the journey together.

Sleep Therapy / Therapist

Let's get started!

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