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managa chronic pain without opioids
Manage Chronic Pain


You Can Have More.


Disruptive, distracting, limiting, frustrating, expensive and isolating. Pain is all of this and more.


Residual pain from sports, headache, injuries, back and neck pain or simply living in our aging bodies can get in the way of living the life you want. 


Chronic pain involves more than just your physical body.  Many of us ignore the mind-body-spirit connection. After all, it's easier take a pill and numb the pain. By the way, that's usually some emotional pain, too, and we'd rather just pretend it's not there.  


Does that solve the problem? Not really.


Are you taking medication but unhappy with side effects and costs? Trying this approach may reduce your need for medication.


Not on medication?  Terrific! This approach can help you manage with other supports.


An emerging practice uses behavioral and mental health techniques to help manage pain. The program integrates the mind-body-spirit connection to reduce the impact of pain on your daily life. We work with:

  • how your mind processes pain;

  • how your thoughts and emotions influence your pain experience;

  • stress management and relaxation techniques;

  • movement and pacing for whole-body care;

  • increasing enjoyable activities and improving your quality of life.


As partners with your medical provider, we look at your whole history and create a personalized plan that supports your individual needs. It may include medication and team members from complementary medicine.  We'll also look at the impact of sleep, nutrition influences, or underlying emotional needs that influence your well-being.


You can manage many factors that influence your pain experience. It's time to add more living back into your life!

How to manage chronic pain

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