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Outer Banks Mental Health Therapist & Counselor

Here's the secret...

change is always possible

You don't feel right and you don't feel well. Slogging through the week wears you out.  Life is on  auto-pilot. 

You wonder - what if this is it?

Inside, you know it can be different. You can move with more ease, play with your family and friends, work a satisfying day and rest well at night. Life can be enjoyable.


You want change to be REAL and lasting.


What's different this time?


YOU.  You know thriving requires CHANGE. 


You can do the work but want extra support from someone dedicated to Team YOU. 


Enter me – I'm Amberly, a therapist trained in ways to help you make long-term change a reality.


How?  We look at how you want your Life to look and feel, but also consider your physical needs, their impact on your mind and emotions and how you connect with others. This holistic approach helps build the mind-body-spirit connection for true health and wellness.


We then work as partners to develop a personalized plan – including traditional medicine, complementary approaches and a variety of behavioral health tools – to create new habits, conquer challenges and enjoy Life more.

Sound good to you?

Silver Moon Reflections Therapy with Amberly Dyer, LCSW

Schedule a free initial consultation

I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to help make sure that your goals and my skills match.  


Are you ready to create change?   Let's get started!

Call me to schedule a free consultation. 

(252) 995-2478

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