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Outer Banks Mental Health & Wellness Therapist
My Approach


You are the WHOLE package.

Many of us ignore the mind-body-spirit connection. After all, it's easier take a pill and keep going. Or to look for answers outside ourselves, instead of looking inward.

Maybe you don't believe in doctors or pills. You try to make it on your own with self-help books or complementary treatment like acupuncture, massage and such. They help, but there's still a lingering problem. The sleep that doesn't come, the pain that gets in the way or the endless loop of stress and negative beliefs that won't break.

I believe in all of these tools – neuroscience, biology, eastern and western medicine, the power of the mind, and the energy of the universe. 

My role is helping you balance these tools to create lasting change.  The balance that is as unique as you. 

It's called integrative therapy . Most of all, it means we build both a supportive and challenging relationship. I bring behavioral health methods, validated by research evidence.  We select tools specific to your needs and your goals. 

But, the tools really only count for part of our success. 


It's you, it's me and the magic of us working together that make it happen. We determine success.


You have it all. Right now.  It's just buried, hiding or worn out. 


My gift? I see through all of those shells, the old hurts and fears, and the stories you believed. Creating sacred space for you to work in and heal is THE BEST part of my work.


I help you excavate, discover and energize. I hold up the mirror that shows ALL of you . Along the way we may laugh and cry a bit, but we are doing the hard work of change – made a little easier by having someone there with you.

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