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Quit Smoking Program
Kick the Habit

It's Not About Will Power.

Over the years, smoking moved from the sophisticated club scene to the dirty curb side. 


Most likely, you've tried to quit -  more than once. It may have worked for a little while or not long at all. After all, nicotine is a determined foe and an everyday part of your life. 


Now – the stakes are different. 


Maybe it's

a health scare, 

or a new baby, 

or losing your breath more, 

but something is making you rethink this smoking thing.


You want to be more relaxed, feel clean and move in the world with more ease. You want to reclaim your health. 


You are worried of failure.  But I know you can do this.  


Because getting off nicotine is so important to long-term health, I completed training through the Duke-UNC Collaborative to be a Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS).


The approach includes using medication supports – such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or other prescriptions – as well as behavior interventions (we'll look at some underlying thoughts, too) to give you the best chance for success. 


We become a team with a medical provider and develop strategies to make this quit attempt the last one. We plan for your quit day and check-in regularly as you move into nicotine free living.


Uninsured and worried about medication costs? We can look at resources to support you in your journey. The bigger cost – staying hooked on nicotine – is your long-term health and quality of life. 


Too stressed out to try quitting now?  Studies show that when people with issues including anxiety and depression stopped smoking, their symptoms decreased as well. Win-win.


Feel freer, healthier and happier. You can do it. Make this YOUR new reality.

smoking cessation therapist

Let's get started!

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